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Researching computer self-efficacy

Olivia Khorrami-Arani
Flinders University, School of Education



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The purpose of this paper is to develop a measure of computer self-efficacy, administer this measure to obtain baseline data at the start of a course on Information Technology (IT), and to describe the IT course for Year 8 in one secondary school. An online questionnaire administered at the beginning of the IT semester-length course, gathered information pertaining to the students' background, prior computer experience, comfortableness with using computers, and their attitudes towards computers. During the course, observations were made in the six Year 8 IT classrooms under study. This paper reports a work in progress. The principal focus is on the selection and development of research instruments, the administration of the online questionnaire, the analysis of the student data at the start of the course, and the description of the classroom observations. Preliminary analysis suggests the measure of computer self-efficacy adopted in the study is an effective tool.

Computer self-efficacy, computer attitudes, online questionnaire, information technology




Khorrami-Arani, O. (2001) Researching computer self-efficacy. International Education Journal, 2 (4), 17-25.

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