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Measuring cognitive and non-cognitive systems of reasoning: some preliminary findings

Carol R. Aldous
Flinders University, School of Education



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This paper reports on preliminary findings involving a pilot project for a doctoral thesis by research, which seeks to examine the issues of creativity in problem solving and of how such creativity may be fostered in children under instruction. In particular, the design, trial and statistical appraisal of a new self-report instrument (viz: Systems of Reasoning Questionnaire SRQ) that was formulated to assist in the identification, description and measurement of some cognitive and non-cognitive forms of reasoning is described. The SRQ comprises five scales, which tap into Rule---based and Associative forms of reasoning as characterized by Sloman, 1996. The pilot project involved sampling upper primary and lower secondary school students solving novel mathematics problems within the Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians 2000.

Cognitive, Non-cognitive, Rule-based, Associative, Creativity



Aldous, C.R. (2001) Measuring cognitive and non-cognitive systems of reasoning: some preliminary findings. International Education Journal, 2 (4), 1-16.

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