International Education Journal

Special Issue: International Perspectives on Giftedness


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Providing a culturally responsive environment for gifted Maori learners

Jill Bevan-Brown
Massey University, New Zealand


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Despite the multi-categorical concept of giftedness having widespread acceptance throughout the world, cultural giftedness does not appear to be widely recognised or provided for. This paper examines what cultural giftedness means for Maori (the indigenous people of New Zealand) and describes how a culturally responsive learning environment can contribute to identifying and providing for gifted Maori students. While the paper focuses on gifted Maori learners, the underlying principles are relevant to gifted students from any ethnic minority group. Readers will be challenged to reflect on and share how they recognise and provide for cultural giftedness in their particular area of involvement. 

Maori, culture, identification, diversity, gifted


 Bevan-Brown, J. (2005) Providing a culturally responsive environment for gifted Maori learners. International Education Journal, 6(2), 150-155.

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