International Education Journal

Special Issue: International Perspectives on Giftedness


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Ability grouping for mathematically gifted adolescent boys

Toni Banfield
Brisbane Boys' College, Queensland


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Embedded in the contemporary issue of gifted education is the contentious notion of ability grouping. The debate surrounding appropriate educational provision for gifted students continues to argue the cognitive and affective influences of ability grouping on gifted students. While recognising the various forms of intellectual giftedness, analysis of the research about mathematically gifted students, especially during adolescence is scarce and underrepresented (Diezmann and Watters, 2002). Adolescent boys' education coupled with a priority for mathematical giftedness is paramount in a time of technological development and advancing global partnerships for future sustainability. Recent Australian Senate Inquiries into Gifted Education (Collins, 2001), Declining Rates of Achievement and Perspectives of Adolescent Boys (Trent, 2001), and Boys' Education (Australian House of Representatives, 2002) highlight the interconnected relevance of examining mathematically gifted adolescent boys' education. 

Mathematics, cognitive, affective, ability grouping, gifted


Banfield, T. (2005) Ability grouping for mathematically gifted adolescent boys. International Education Journal, 6(2), 141-149.

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