What is SEPEP?


                                                                       Sepep Roles             

Coach- In your role as coach, you are responsible for organizing your teamís practices in a way that enables all members to practice their skills and focus on game strategies and tactics.  You should work with teammates such as your Team Captain (and Team Scout) to find ways to best prepare for your games.


Captain- Captains are the key persons in creating a unified group of individuals all working together toward a similar goal.  They are leaders who are able to push team members to ďdo their bestĒ, motivate them to want to get better, and be a leader.  

Board Member- The Sport Board is responsible for assisting the teacher with the planning of the season as well as the conducting the season. Your Sport Board will be asked to (help) make decisions about such things as team selection; resolving disputes; develop specific roles for duty team members etc. Your teacher can (or will) be a member of the Sport Board.


Manager- As Team Manager you are assuming responsibility for several organizational and administrative tasks.  For example, you need to ensure that your team is present for each game on time at the correct field/court.  As well, Team Managers ensure that there is sufficient equipment for team practices, and that the Team Binder is taken care of and kept up-to-date. 


Statistician- Team statistics offer important insight to the performance of a team and its individual players.  This information is vital for the purpose of adjustments in game plans (i.e., offensive and defensive team strategies), as well as giving focus to practice sessions.  Your task is to keep your teamís statistics up-to-date following each game, and make this information available to your coach and Team Publicist.


Publicist - As Team Publicist your task involves communicating relevant information about your team to the rest of the community (i.e., your class and possibly the entire school).  This includes reports on game/season performance as well as team and individual player profiles.


Equipment Manager- Equipment managers ensure that all the needed equipment is accounted for at all times.  Ensure that equipment problems do not interfere with the quality of team practices and games.  Requests, concerns and questions about the teamís equipment are discussed with the teacher 


Team Scout- Team success is dependent in part on its knowledge about opponentsí strengths and weaknesses.  Team scouts have the tasks of gathering such information and communicating this to the coach and other players. This information can help your teamís coach focus upcoming practices and prepare for upcoming games.