Emotional Harassment


Signs of Harassment

Effects of Harassment

Physical Harassment

Verbal Harassment

  Responding to Harassment

Dealing with Bullies 

Why do Bullies Bully?

How to avoid Harassment

Why does Harassment Occur?





Emotional Harassment can Include:

·        Making rude gestures

·        Repeated ‘teasing’

·        Whispering about someone behind his/her back

·        Passing notes about someone

·        Imitating someone’s speech or behaviour in a way designed to offend

·        Laughing at someone’s mistakes

·        Excluding someone from group activities

·        Refusing to talk to someone

·        Passing around nasty gossip with a view to making someone feel bad

·        Deliberately breaking or marking someone’s personal property

·        Demanding money or services “or else”


Typical excuses include:

“I didn’t say a thing.”

“It’s all in his/her imagination.”

“We didn’t lay a hand on her.”