Category Title
detailsAged Care Issues of access to the aged care services from the perspective of the Polish community in Victoria
detailsAged Care Giving real meaning to the term Positive Ageing for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
detailsAged Care “Language in Action”: Engaging language students in the aged care sector
detailsAged Care A recipe for better practice CaLD aged and community care
detailsAged Care A local government experience on improving social and community connection for older people from a CALD background.
detailsAged Care Love must also weep
detailsAged Care Language-independent Dialogue Management with a Wheelchair
detailsAged Care Restorative Home Care – Expanding the current home care paradigm
detailsAged Care Partnerships in Learning: lessons from working with CALD communities.
detailsAged Care Access to culturally appropriate aged care for culturally and linguistically diverse communities
detailsAged Care Greco-Italian Get-together
detailsAged Care Aged Care: A Dutch family's journey
detailsAged Care Celebration of Life: Celebrating with community and residential people through music, song and dance
detailsAged Care Reflections on Organisational strategies for embedding a Culturally Competent framework in agencies & Responding to the specific needs of ageing Culturally and Linguistically Diverse clients and their families.
detailsAged Care Human Resource Strategies in a Multicultural Aged Care Environment
Aged Care Working in Partnership and Collaboration
detailsAged Care Families, Ageing and Migration: Indian Communities in New Zealand
detailsAgeing and Health Planning for the Ageing New Migrant Diaspora in Sough Australia. The African Communities’ Case Study
detailsAgeing and Health Ageing Greek Migrants in Adelaide and Darwin – The influence of language on service accessibility
detailsAgeing and Health Future planning for older Greek carers of a person with a disability
detailsAgeing and Health Psychological Mechanisms for Ageing Well: Transcending the Diaspora
detailsAgeing and Health Come Dance With Me: Producing an interdisciplinary educational resource for healthcare students and professionals on how to care for people with dementia whose first language is not English.
detailsAgeing and Health Diversity and financial elder abuse in Victoria
detailsAgeing and Health Multilingual U3A Online: a new virtual service to improve the quality-of-life of socially isolated CALD persons
detailsAgeing and Health Ageing of Immigrant Populations in Australia: Patterns and issues
detailsAgeing and Health The Sinantisi project
detailsAgeing and Health Cultural differences in carer strain and quality of life amongst those living and caring for an elderly person with Alzheimer’s: A comparison of Greek-born immigrant carers and Anglo-Australian carers
detailsAgeing and Health The age of migration: what does it mean and why should researchers working on aging and old age care?
detailsAgeing and Health A review of the effectiveness of smoking cessation behavioural interventions among people from a non-English-speaking background: An implication for Greek- Australian elderly smokers
detailsAgeing and Health The Health of Older Immigrants to Western Societies
detailsAgeing and Health An ethno-specific perspective: part of the mosaic in building quality services for non English speaking elders in Australia.
detailsAgeing and Health Challenges of Ageing and some of the Modeling to address the needs of isolated New and Emerging communities in South Australia.
detailsAgeing and Health Aging and immigration in Greek cities. Policy issues and developments since the early 1990s
detailsAgeing and Health Food Trust in Greek migrants and other non-English speaking communities
detailsAgeing and Health Fanatic Greeks
detailsAgeing and Health Ageing: In place or out of place?
detailsAgeing and Health Becoming informed: How older Greek migrants in Australia find what they need to know
detailsAgeing and Health “Ageing Well Together in the Migrant Diaspora: from the Eyes of Hellenic Women”
detailsAgeing and Health The loneliness of the long distance migrant: the ageing psyche in xenithia.
detailsAgeing and Health “End of Life” for the Greek Migrant – A personal story
detailsClassical Studies The land of Teucer
detailsClassical Studies Sappho Fr. 137 V/PLF: Sappho’s αἰδώς and Aristotle’s De Rhetorica
detailsClassical Studies Greek Orthodox Iconography a Historical and Cultural Perspective
detailsCyprus Harbours, harbour works and commerce in Cyprus, 1878-1910
detailsCyprus Australian policy towards the Cyprus issue in the 1954 UN General Assembly.
detailsCyprus Διαφώτιση, προπαγάνδα και αντί- προπαγάνδα στην Κύπρο, 1955-1959.
detailsCyprus Cyprus and Turkey: The great paradox of the EU
detailsCyprus Σύγχρονη κυπριακή λεξικογραφία: η ηλεκτρονική βάση δεδομένων «Συντυχιές»
detailsEducation The distinction between popular (laiko) and scholarly (logio) as a particular characteristic of the Modern Greek language: historical interpretation, contemporary function and didactic usage
detailsEducation The Contribution of Greeks and Greek-Australians in Life Sciences and Medical Research
detailsEducation Η κινηματογραφική ταινία στο μάθημα της λογοτεχνίας στην ελληνική εκπαίδευση
detailsEducation Modern Greek Education and Identity in South Australia.
detailsHistory Save the Children: the work of Reverend James Cresswell
detailsHistory John Mulgan - His Death in 1945 and Anglo-Greek Politics
detailsHistory 70th Anniversary of the Greek and Crete Campaigns: Ageing veterans, Greek civilians and the trauma of war
detailsHistory Faces Beyond the Greek Café: The Traditional Diversity of Greek-Australian Occupational Pursuits, 1820s–2010
detailsHistory “Each whistling his own tune”. Right-wing officers from the Greek Brigades in exile, 1943-44
detailsHistory Samuel G. Howe, ΄Ενας Αμερικανός Φιλέλληνας και Ιστορικός της Επανάστασης του 1821
detailsHistory International activism duiring the Greek Civil War: the case of the Women's International Democratic Federation (WIDF)
detailsHistory Death, Delacroix and the Birth of the Hellenic State
detailsHistory Re-organisation in the Greek-Australian communities of the post-mass migration era
detailsHistory Auto/biographical writing and Greek-Australian historiography: The case of George Gotsis
detailsLiterature The Female Bildung: Male Modern Greek writers and the complexities of the female autodiegetic narrator.
detailsLiterature Τα ‘πρόσωπα’ της Μήδειας και η πολιτική της αναπαράστασης στο έργο του Ζιλ Ντασσέν «Κραυγή γυναικών»
detailsLiterature Kalvos' Home
detailsLiterature Αισθητική αναπαράσταση πόλεων σε κυπριακά μυθιστορήματα
detailsLiterature Katherine Kizilos; Landscapes and the Quest for a Father
detailsLiterature Never to Return: Immigration and Old Age in Venezis' The State of Virginia
detailsLiterature On HAIKU:Comparing Seferis and Charkianakis poetics
detailsLiterature Kazantzakis and Darwin
detailsLiterature Pierre Hyacynthe Azais και Διονύσιος Σολωμός
detailsLiterature Zorba's tunes and Smyrna's silence: Case studies on music in modern Greek fiction
Literature The Greek revolution of 1821 in the novels of the period 1830-1880: literature for a new nation?
detailsLiterature Ελύτης: Ποιητική Γλώσσα και Μεταφυσικό Όραμα
detailsLiterature Τελετουργία, φυσική ευσέβεια και ανιμισμός στο μυθιστόρημα του Ν. Καζαντζάκη Βίος και πολιτεία του Αλέξη Ζορμπά.
Literature Ξενόγλωσσες Ανθολογίες Ελλήνων ποιητών την περίοδο του Μεσοπολέμου
detailsMigration The importance of research in the migration and refugee sector: The Flinders University Migrant and Refugee Research Cluster experience
detailsMigration Greek Diaspora Linkages and Entrepreneurship in Melbourne
detailsMigration Tales of glory boxes, suitcases and dreams
Migration The Pear Tree: A study of Greek-Australian families 50 years after migration.
detailsMigration Reflections on primary resource material research in Lahania, a Greek Village on the island of Rhodes, and migration to Thebarton, South Australia. Part Three
detailsMigration Σελίδες από την ιστορία του Ελληνισμού στη Νότια Αυστραλία
detailsMigration Greek-Australian Playwrighta of First and Second Generations-Complexities of Culture and Identity
detailsMigration A Home Away From Home: The Greek-Cypriot Migrants/Refugees in South Australia
detailsMigration Crone's Role Revisited in the Migrant Diaspora of Oceania
detailsPhilosophy Η γυναίκα στον Αριστοτέλη
detailsPhilosophy Aristotle, Plato, and Rawls on the Ideal of Democracy
detailsPhilosophy Aristotle, Space and Time
detailsPhilosophy In Christ, ‘the whole fullness of the deity dwells bodily’. Hearing the claims of Colossians 2:9 against the background of Stoic philosophy.
detailsPhilosophy Aristotle on Time
detailsPhilosophy Was Aristotle, rather than Boyle, the father of chemistry?
detailsPhilosophy Aristotle and Intuitionism on Continuity and Infinity
detailsPhilosophy Four Characters in Search of Home: Socrates, Plato, Odysseus and Camus
detailsPhilosophy Structure of Reality in Plato's Timaeus
detailsPhilosophy Hypatia
detailsPhilosophy Is it better to suffer wrong than to do it? A defence of Socrates in The Gorgias
detailsPhilosophy Philoponus and the Beginning of Time
detailsPhilosophy Plato's mythos/logos Distinction Revisited
detailsPolitics From Lausanne(1923) to Cyprus (2011) Turkey's Ssystematic Destruction of Historic Non-Muslim and Non-Turkish Communities and International Law
detailsSociety and Culture Greek society, Greek state and Greek cinema: a strange and fascinating relationship. Notes on the development of cinema in Greece
detailsSociety and Culture Projected communities: Greek cinema-going in Australia (1949-86)
detailsSociety and Culture Religious Healing and Health on a Greek Island: Saint Worship and Dance as Offering to a Saint
detailsSociety and Culture Working collaboratively with Greek researchers to adapt an Australian anti-bullying intervention for use in Greek schools.
detailsSociety and Culture Understanding the housing and community needs of the older population: a Case study of the western suburbs of Adelaide
detailsSociety and Culture Blending Greek and Aboriginal Australian cultural elements in artistic expression
detailsSociety and Culture Τα μπακάλικα του Πύργου της Σαντορίνης, 20ος -21ος αιώνας. Λειτουργία και μετασχηματισμός.
detailsSociety and Culture A Greek Sculptress in Europe: Heleni Blatsoura-Flamouraki(1931-2004) . Aspects from her Works and her Relation to Modernism
detailsSociety and Culture The different meanings of culture in CaLD ageing in Australia
detailsSociety and Culture Η Διαγενειακή Αλληλεπίδραση Τρίτης Γενιάς και Τρίτης Ηλικίας και οι Αντοχές της Ελληνοαυστραλιανής Ταυτότητας
detailsSociety and Culture 2010-2011: Το ελληνικό κοινό "ανακαλύπτει" τις τουρκικές σαπουνόπερες
detailsSociety and Culture "... love the one you're with"
detailsSociety and Culture The allegorical representation of Greece in the 19th century : The case of the sculptor brothers Phitali
detailsSociety and Culture Textiles: Symbols and Meaning in the Embroidery of Epirus