Modern Greek at Flinders University, located in the ‘Athens of the South’

Adelaide has long rejoiced in the title of ‘The Athens of the South’ for the leading cultural role it has played in Australia. Add to this the natural advantage of a temperate Mediterranean-style climate encouraging a relaxed alfresco lifestyle where olive trees dot the landscape and you have the perfect natural setting for a conference concerned with Greek culture.  It is therefore fitting that the Modern Greek section of the Department of Languages should have established its home in this city.

8th International Conference on Greek Research

In 2009 the Modern Greek section at Flinders University and the Foundation for Hellenic Studies will host its 8th International Conference on Greek Research, a biennial event which attracts contributions from learned scholars and postgraduate students around the globe.

A major aim of these cross-disciplinary conferences is to celebrate the diachronic achievement of Greek culture and to create an environment in which academics from different fields of research can share their knowledge of related areas, and investigate the possibilities for collaboration on complex themes, drawing on their different specializations.

As its published proceedings indicate, these conferences encompass a wide range of papers on a multitude of themes related to Greek culture from antiquity to the present day as well as a special segment devoted to Cypriot studies.  Conference papers related to the wider significance of Greek History and Civilization, embracing Literature and Language, Classical Studies, Philosophy, Society and Culture, History and Migration will be presented during parallel sessions over four days.

20th Anniversary

In 2009 the Modern Greek section celebrates its 20th anniversary since its establishment at Flinders University.  Modern Greek is offered to students at all South Australian universities through direct or cross-institutional enrolment at Flinders.  Flinders University staff also delivers a Modern Greek program to students at Charles Darwin University in the Northern Territory.  Modern Greek graduates serve the community in a multitude of distinguished roles in the following sectors: government, education, health, business, law and many more.

Since its establishment, Modern Greek has successfully hosted seven international conferences on Greek Research.  With the quality and quantity of presentations rising each year, the Modern Greek section can claim to have established itself on the national and international scene as a centre of excellence in these studies.  The 2007 Conference featured 129 papers contributed by scholars from 10 countries.

Youth Forum

In addition to research papers being presented, the 2009 Conference will feature a Youth Forum exploring the experiences of youth in the Greek diaspora, which should generate some lively discussion on the achievements and challenges faced by present-day descendants of Greek migrants in Australia and internationally.

Panels of expertise

Modern Greek collaborates with a variety of academics, specialists, and high profile personalities, empowering them to organize panels related to particular issues in their own area of expertise.

Professional Development

The Conference program will include quality Professional Development seminars for teachers of Modern Greek and teachers of Philosophy in South Australia and will be facilitated by academics from Greece who specialize in the field of education and internationally renowned scholars of Greek philosophy.  The seminars will be co-presented by Modern Greek at Flinders University, the Education Office of the Greek Consulate of South Australia and the Modern Greek Language Teachers Association of South Australia.  Besides the seminars, there will be sessions during the conference that focus on language teaching and issues on ancient Greek philosophy.


As in the past, subject to peer review, contributors will have an opportunity to have their papers published in the Conference Proceedings.  Papers are not confined to established academics only, and those completing postgraduate studies are also encouraged to contribute.

The wider community

A further indication of the stature attained by the conference is its distinguished list of sponsors headed by the governments of Greece and Cyprus, with major contributions from the Government of South Australia, the World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE Oceania), the Australian business sector and the South Australian Greek community organizations.

In keeping with its international reputation, the Conference enjoys a high profile within South Australia with both the Greek community and the general public who have an interest in Greek studies.