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After the conference, the academic committee will request that full papers be forwarded by email the co-editor of the publication, to be peer-reviewed Formatting instructions may be downloaded from now To order publications of Conference Proceedings, please follow the link to each order form. (The 2007 Conference Proceedings will be launched in July 2009.)



2007 Conference

The Proceedings of the Biennial International Conference of Greek Studies held at Flinders University in June 2007 bear witness to the increasing prestige of the conference. Papers were accepted from eighty participants, many from Europe and America, and a pleasing number, both academics and postgraduate students, from within Australia. Most papers are the work of individuals, but a number are the result of collaboration within and between universities. The conference, as can be seen from the broad scope of the Proceedings, was a meeting point for specialists from a wide array of disciplines, all of which are reflected in the published volume.

No area of Hellenic studies is excluded from the biennial conferences or the Proceedings. Originally the focus was squarely on the many facets of Greek-Australian links, which continue to be well-represented, with a particular emphasis on migration between the two countries and on the achievements of Australians of Greek and Cypriot origin, whether in bilingual education, literature and the arts, politics, social justice or the economy. More than ever, though, international scholars of the Greek language, of medieval and modern Greek and Cypriot history and of literature in Greek from the Byzantine to the contemporary period have provided outstanding papers on their fields of interest. Ancient Greek philosophy and science are also well-represented.

As always, all papers were reviewed and deemed worthy of publication by established scholars who had no other connection with the conference.

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2005 Conference

All presenters at the biennial conference were invited to submit their papers for publication in the Proceedings of the Biennial International Conference of Greek Studies. Traditionally, most papers have been focused on Greek-Australian themes, but since 2005 the conference has attracted a large number of specialists from Europe and America as well as Australia, and the addition of the word international in the title reflects this important development. The external peer-reviewer and the editors were most impressed with the standard of the papers and were pleased to be able to publish so much valuable research in a number of fields. As the section headings indicate, the scope of the 2005 Proceedings is wide, from the opening section on Classical Greek philosophy, to migration, Greek language, literature and art in Europe and Australia, and historical studies of Greece and Cyprus. There is still an emphasis on Greek-Australian relations in many papers, but others open windows on to other aspects of the Hellenic world, while those based on pedagogy are also of particular interest to specialists in other languages.

The section headings for the papers in English are: Classical Greek Philosophy, The Greek-Australian Migrant Experience, Migration to Greece, The Greek Language at Home and Abroad, Modern Greek Literature in Europe and Australia, and Historical Studies of Greece and Cyprus. The section headings of the papers in Greek are: Post-Byzantium 18th and 19th Century, Modern Greek: Literature and Education, and Greek-Australian issues

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2003 Conference

All presenters at the biennial conference are invited to submit their paper for publication in the Proceedings of the Biennial Conference of Greek Studies. The papers are sent to an external peer-reviewer who has had no connection at all with the conference, and if this person and the co-editors agree that the paper has sufficient scholarly merit, it is included in the Proceedings. Traditionally, most papers reflect the Greek research being carried out in Australia, but the next Proceedings, of the 2005 conference, will have a stronger international input as there were many participants from Europe and elsewhere. Papers may be offered in Greek or in English, and as the areas covered at each conference vary greatly, they are grouped in whatever way seems most appropriate. Thus in the volume published in 2005 (the Proceedings of the 2003 conference) the section headings for the papers in English are:

Classical Greek Philosophy; Aspects of Greek Culture Past and Present; Contemporary History: Greeks and Cypriots at Home and Abroad; and Modern Greek Language and Culture in Australian Schools.

The section headings of the papers in Greek are: Linguistics, Modern Greek Literature, Education and History.

The aim of the editors is to produce a valuable scholarly collection of papers which are a genuine addition to their field. Past Proceedings have, we believe, provided a fascinating glimpse of the work which is being undertaken in many areas of Greek studies, and encouraged other researchers to embark on similar projects.

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2001 Conference

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2000 Conference

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