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Title CASE STUDY: Socrates Drank the Conium – 1970s Greece.

Rock ‘n’ roll emerged in America in the mid – 50s, but it soon spread around the world. Rock music was a product of Afro – American rhythm and blues, blues and country and western music but above all it was a discourse through which young people could contest the conservative values of the older generation. When rock ‘n’ roll first appeared in Greece it caused a number of reactions across the Greek society which had a negative impact on the development of the Greek rock music scene. Socrates was a Hendrix style band that started playing in Athens at the beginning of 1969 and continued to play until the early 80s. Socrates is still considered to be one of the most influential Greek rock groups as they were amongst the first that managed to incorporate Greek elements to rock, thus stirring away from the earlier models of the 60s. Therefore, from the 70s, Greek rock music begins slowly but steadily to become part of everyday reality. However, a number of rock groups are still part of the “περιθώριο” as they struggle to be accepted by a conservative society and the Greek music scene.

Primary author
Evi Politi