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Title Reflections on Building a School of International Business in Oman: The Greek Dimension

I present my reflections from an extraordinary chance to work for the Ministry of Higher Education in Oman and make a contribution towards the educational transformation of this small country in the Gulf region. Oman is a very interesting, beautiful place, with a largely young population. The people are gentle, sincere and open, and they trying to embrace change, particularly the diversification of economic activities to reduce their reliance on petroleum/gas products. Like in most parts of the world, also in Oman you will find a very small dynamic Greek-Cypriot community as well as business activities undertaken by Greek-Cypriot companies that supported by Greek-Cypriot expatriates that are based in Oman. In this context, there are also efforts by the Hellenic Government to consolidate and expand bilateral relations between Greece and countries of the Gulf region, including Oman. My own reflections from my “Greek encounters” in Oman suggest that Greece lacks a strategic policy approach in the area of educational and cultural cooperation which undermines efforts undertaken by the private sector to increase economic linkages.

Primary author
Steve Bakalis