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Title Research of the 18th cent. Greek Studies

Conducting research in the field of 18th cent. Modern Greek studies nowadays is both a blessing and a curse.The blessing would read as the benefit of the bulky references which practically cover every single topic and subtopic of the field. The curse consists in the same reasons set above for aparently little has stayed untouched by the competent minds of our predecessors. And still. First of all all the topics should be revisited from a contemporary perspective and that includes history, literature, civilisation.Then there are still unused archival and manuscript stuff. The aim of the present paper is to consider in turn all the domains mentioned above from the perspective of both the traditional contributions and from what we think should be carried out now. Our point is that the correct ideal approach is also very demanding as it should reunite all the national bibliographies connected to Greek in the Balkans and all the theoretic required approaches which range within interdisciplinarity encompassing linguistics, literay theory, anthropology,new historical trends, political studies, legal studies etc.

Primary author
Lia Brad Chisacof