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Title The Greek-Cypriot Migration to South Australia

The paper investigates the Greek-Cypriot migration to South Australia, and the importance of oral history. As the stories of Greek-Cypriot migrants are important, it is essential that these accounts are captured now before the past disappears. Therefore I interviewed a mixture of migrants who arrived in various years throughout the last century. Whether these migrants travelled to different parts of the world before settling in South Australia, each story is unique and different from one person to the next. Also, through the study, photographs and documentation were collected to combine an illustrative description of the journeys each person took. In addition to individual accounts, the history of Greek-Cypriot organisations and groups established within South Australia were also significant for the research. Although, certain difficulties and challenges were established, from memory loss to the displacement and preservation of documents, it was made evident how important the documentation of each migrant’s journey is to our history.

Primary author
Maria Shialis

Email shia0002@flinders.edu.au shia0002@flinders.edu.au