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Title Greeks of the Eastern Ukrain (the Region of Mariupolis)

The Greeks settled in the Azov See Region at the late 18th century. They came from the Crimea and founded the city of Mariupolis and numerous villages. Still in the Crimea there was some kind of a Tatar-Greek diglossia. Greek was less prestigious, and the Rumejs, Greek-speaking Greeks were considered to be less cultural than the Urums, Tatar-speaking Greeks. Now there are about 17 villages where is still spoken. In my report I would like to provide brief information on the present state of their language and its subdialects, sociolinguistic situation in the region and the prospects for the nearest future. Besides, I am going to discuss their literature especially after the Soviet Revolution of 1917 when it stopped being just oral tradition and was transformed into written form.

Primary author
Maxim Kissilier