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Title Looking At the Texts of Postmodern Greek Poets of the Generation of 80th through the Neo-Platonist Spectacles

The post-war poetic period in Greece is still in the constant process of formation. Being the evident generations of the postmodern era, the 70th and the 80th ones absorb all known trends of modern Greek and European literature of the XXth century trying to find new Form and Content for the present poetics and rooting deep in the texts of avant-garde or what goes under the umbrella of modernism. Therefore, we, perhaps, speak of the ‘limits’ of the postmodernity and at the same time can’t but admit it to be the most totalizing literary and cultural period. Such Greek authors-representatives of the generation of 80th as Haris Vlavianos, Stavros Zafirou, Sotiris Trivizas, Georgios Blanas, Pandelis Boukalas and others seem to be influenced by different trends, namely by English-American and Greek modernism. Their texts exemplify the openness based on the history of metaphysics…its matrix that represents the main interest for our article. The current research tries to show that the revival of the neo-Platonist literature during the last two centuries gave a great impact to romantic, modernist and, later, postmodernist poets. The Hermetic images and symbols for the modernist poets like Seferis, Kavafis, Pound and Eliot etc. are analyzed in parallel with a somewhat different poetics of the above mentioned poets of the 80th that is their mixture of ‘ego’ and Platonic- Hiedegerrian-Hegelian complex. All the above mentioned factors are examined on the background of the present-day condition of postmodernity in Greece and Europe with rather broad historical references.

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Anna Prosyannikova

or_angel@list.ru, ProIr@yandex.ru