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Title Traditional Greek Values: Greek-Australian Women across Generations!

What do we mean when we speak about values? How do we define them? What is their material reflective dimension? The subject of my presentation is based on my research project entitled "Inaudible Voices: Greek-Australian Women across Generations", which is funded by The Macquarie University External Collaborative Scheme and seeks to explore a socio-historical cross generational investigation of Greek-Australian women. Specifically, the grandmother-mother-daughter relationship will be addressed to observe the maintenance or erosion of traditional Greek values; are they transformed/modified/extended or forgotten? The purpose of this project in general is to investigate how the already complex interplay between generations becomes even more compounded when these relationships are affected by immigration. Individual experiences within the culturally and socially diverse Australian context lead to various forms of identification. Examination of these identifications, influenced by both Greek and Australian values is a process that determines the nature and the level of integration in Australian society. This presentation will discuss the latest resluts of this investigation.

Primary author
Elizabeth Kefallinos