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Title Priests, Presbyteres and Paradoxes

At the outset of this research endeavour, the initial insights provided by Greek Orthodox married clergy in contemporary society within the Australian context highlighted how the clergy and quite often their spouses held key supportive roles, actively working towards creating a caring and faithful environment for their parishioners. As the exploration continues we see an emerging pattern of ownership and priority within the position rather than the role. Where the key to a deeper understanding of the roles is held within the individual’s attitude towards the position. If we listen closely we hear the echoing voices of the Priests and Presbyteres slowly but clearly and systematically peel away the diverse and multi-dimensional layers of these roles through a simple yet complex maze of paradoxes. Through the eyes of the Priests we see a position that keeps coming back to its own opposite: it is visible but it is invisible; it is fluid but it is predefined; it is not engraved in stone, yet there are set boundaries, parameters and process that must be followed; it is defined yet you cannot find it. Through the eyes of the Presbytera we begin to comprehend the many dimensions and dilemmas she faces as the Priest’s wife. Where through marriage she holds the position and within that position her role or roles will be determined by her husband’s attitude towards his ministry.

Primary author
Catherine Tsacalos