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Title The e-Library of Greek Byzantine Manuscripts:the Sources Chrétiennes Collection

Although the Byzantine Empire fell, it continues to exist thanks to its ability of self-projecting itself onto its cultural heritage, especially onto the texts written during its period. Text Collections are excellent projects for preserving historical manuscripts. We focus our attention on text collections regarding Greek-Byzantine manuscripts, especially on the well-known Sources Chrétiennes collection. The first volume was published in France (1942). It is a bilingual series, containing Greek texts (50% of the overall content (ca. 520 volumes)). It is an important source for any researcher interested in the realm of Byzantine manuscripts. Thus we have initiated the construction of the collection’s e-library, which can be an application and a subset of the overall e-library of Greek-Byzantine manuscripts. The construction of this e-library -as well as the ergodicity of its function- is proved to be extremely useful. In-deed, a huge variety of specific analyses results to numerous surprising outputs while revealing inherent structures, identities etc. In this presentation we demonstrate those elements referring to the layer structure of the collection with respect to Greek texts, i.e. the analysis of it according to thematic content, author and title. Thus a critical insight into the realm of Greek-Byzantine manuscripts is obtained.

Primary author
Nikolaos Myridis