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Title Reflections on Primary Resource Material Research in Lahania, a Greek Village on the island of Rhodes and Migration to Thebarton, Adelaide, South Australia. Part Two: 1931 - 1947

Abstract The brief upsurge of positive contributions to Lahania in the mid-1920s by the Italians was overshadowed by the fascism that was imposed later in that decade, although the earlier contributions made some things easier (like migration). However, there was direct and gross interference in the daily lives of the villagers, their religion, language, schooling and management of their own affairs. Health conditions deteriorated and deaths increased by a massive fifty percent over the previous decade, although some of this could have been because of better record keeping. At the same time the significant traditions of the village continued to suffer. Forty Lahanians moved to Australia between 1931 - 1947 – twenty five men and fifteen females (one of these men settled in Thebarton in 1938) – which added a number of new dimensions to the types of migration. And the Second World War came to Lahania, along with two further, but brief foreign occupations.

Primary author
Claude Hedrick