Abstract detail

Title Research into the teaching of Greek as a Second Language through the work of Teachers Seconded from Greece to Melbourne

Since 1997 a number of Greek teachers are being seconded to Australian schools to teach Greek. These teachers have contributed to a lot of facets of Greek education in Melbourne. The current research was conducted via a qualitative questionnaire to investigate their experiences and perceptions about teaching Greek as second language, compared to teaching Greek as a first language in Greece. Teachers were asked to respond to questions about the teaching methodologies they used in Greece, which of those they had to abandon in Australia, which methodologies they adopted from Australian schools and which methodologies they found to be the most effective in teaching Greek as second language. Also, they were asked to explain how Greek-Australian students best learn Greek, how the teaching of Greek could be improved and what texts and resources need to be further developed to assist the teaching and learning of Greek in Australia.

Primary author
John Milides