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Title Direct Observation: Growing up and the first glimpses of East and West during Christmas.

The paper employs direct obsevation in ethnographic inquiry to give an account of religion and growing up as a Greek ethnic youth in Melbourne, recognising both Greek Orthodox religion and other religious and non-religious portrayals. Being a social anthropologist, the method of direct observation is intended to represent my lived experience in Greek-Australian youth. The topic for the paper is Christmas. Through direct observation I share my own lived experience of growing up and how I understood what was and, what was not meant by Christmas. In forming one's own ethnic identification at this early age, there are glimpses that point to both East and West. There are many issues engaged with by Greek-Australian youth. However, the issue of religion and the topic of Christmas is discussed in order to disclose esoteric and, political understandings that help to shape initial maturing identifications with "self" and "other."

Primary author
Patricia Riak