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The conference will be structured around themes related to the wider significance of Greek History and Civilization.  It will include papers on Greek and Cypriot studies from the wider spectrum of the following areas:  Literature and Language, Classical Studies, Philosophy, Society and Culture, History and Migration. 

The Conference Program will include quality Professional Development seminars for teachers of Modern Greek in South Australia and research papers on language teaching will be presented during the Conference.  The seminars will be facilitated by academics from Greece who specialize in the field of Education and co-presented by Modern Greek at Flinders University, the Modern Greek Language Teachers Association of South Australia and the Modern Greek Consultancy Service in South Australia R-12.

The aim of this cross-disciplinary conference is to celebrate the diachronic achievement of Greek culture and allow academics from different fields of research to come together and share their knowledge of related areas, and perhaps to discover ways in which they might collaborate, from their different specialisations, on complex themes. The search for common ground will be a major focus of the conference, but it will also provide intellectual stimulation for the dynamic Greek community of South Australia and for the many individuals from the wider society who have an interest in Greek studies. 

The conference creates a forum for vigorous discussion and offers participants an opportunity to publish their research in a volume of refereed Conference Proceedings.  We encourage postgraduate candidates and people who have recently completed a master’s or doctorate, as well as established academics to present papers. 




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