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detailsAged Care In Search of Lost Time: Alzheimer's and Other Dementias Impact in Communities of Color
detailsAged Care Living Arrangements of Older Filipino-New Zealanders
detailsAged Care ctical actions used in implementing a Diversity Framework:
detailsAged Care addressing diversity through an inclusive approach - introduction to the Inclusive Service Standards
detailsAged Care Application of CQ (Cultural Intelligence) in residential care
detailsAged Care CALD Residential Aged Care – How do we meet the growing aged care needs of these diverse groups?
detailsAged Care Ageing Women in a Foreign Land: Perspectives on Economic and Social Participation
detailsAged Care t
detailsAged Care End of Life Matters for Everyone
Community Salisbury's Intercultural Strategy
Community A Qualitative Evaluation of the Macedonian Mental Health and Living Skills Program Support Group
detailsCommunity Celebrating Women In Aged Care
detailsCommunity Weavers - A Peer Support Model for Carers in Multicultural Communities
detailsCommunity Mindset for Life in Retirement (5 minute Presentation)
detailsEducation Less heard voices of elders in Aotearoa New Zealand: Social and Lifelong Learning policy dimensions affecting ethnic minorities
detailsFamilies Sortal:Legacy
detailsFamilies Dementia as a relational crisis: stories from the Moving Pictures project
detailsFamilies “I worry about when I am not here anymore”: Experiences of ageing family carers of adults with intellectual disability from Greek and Italian migrant backgrounds.
detailsHealth ‘It is still my language’: the use of e-interpretation for in-home cognitive assessments with older culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) Australians
detailsLanguage and Cultural Issues Culturally Responsive Care: Real stories, Real people
detailsMigrant Ageing Functional limitations and life satisfaction dynamics among middle aged and older Asian migrants in Australia
detailsMigrant Ageing Perspectives on ageing in a foreign land: Experiences of a multicultural diaspora
detailsMigrant Ageing Japanese people’s experiences of ageing in a foreign land
detailsMigrant Ageing Multicultural Interactive Planning Solutions (MIPS)
Migrant Ageing Lay perceptions of death and dying among older Greek widowed migrants
detailsMigrant Ageing The experiences and Perceptions of family carers from a Muslim and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) background: A Systematic Review
detailsMigrant Ageing Stories of immigration and settlement - Experiences of Greek-speaking elderly in NSW
detailsMigrant Ageing Intrusions or automatisms from English when producing a personal narrative in Greek: evidence from stroke stories.
Migrant Ageing “Everyone deserves Respect” tackling the issue of Elder Abuse from within the CALD communities.
detailsMigrant Ageing Understanding the Continuum of Social Participation Among Older Adults in Multi-Ethnic Community Settings
detailsResearch Slowing-down baby boomers searching for connection in an accelerating culture.
detailsResearch Assessing the social and health values of shared meals for elderly individuals from CALD backgrounds
detailsResearch “Using hands and arms to exchange information”: Understanding the needs of ageing CALD carers
detailsResearch Interpretation of compound words by patients with Alzheimer’s Dementia
detailsResearch Healthcare interpreter utilisation – predictors and association with length of stay and cost: A retrospective cohort analysis
detailsServices (Pitch Presentation) Building bridges: Developing a framework for engaging with ageing carers from CALD communities.