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    Assignment Detail Page:

    Project Title : Eynesbury House - Belair Rd, Kingswood.
    Assignment Type : Property (house/land)
    First Name : Jane
    Last Name: Simons
    Date Range: 1851-1900
    Summary : Eynesbury House, was built by George Wilcox in 1880, with a victorian/italianate influence. The original area of the land exceeded 14 acres, but is today reduced to less then two. The house has survived with little change to its original architectural change, making it a wonderful example of ninteenth century design.
    Limitations :The house is in the process of being listed on the Register of the National Estate; held up by a lack of data available regarding the house and its construction. Many documents regarding the house have been stored without dates or author names attached making verification of information difficult.
    Issues Raised : The land surrounding the house has changed dramatically over the last 125 years, with the majority now covered by houses and roads making up modern day Kingswood. The garden and driveways have been altered, and there is a possibility that sections of these may be visible following archaeological investigation.
    UserFAN : simo0055
    AssignmentId : 30