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The Tryworks

The tryworks, or hearths for rendering blubber into oil, were the centre of the station's industry. The tryworks at Grass Point were behind the shingle beach, only
metres from the water's edge. There archaeologists found that the footings from one tryworks were remarkably intact. The tryworks consisted of a brick core
encased in a masonry shell. The core contained two adjacent hearths, each with its own stoke hole and flue, separated by a brick plinth. A thick deposit of burnt oil,
the remains of the blubber scraps used as fuel, encrusted the brick floors of the hearths and stokeholes. Many fragments of clay pipe were also found around the
tryworks, dropped by the men as they tended the fires.

Susan Lawrence

The tryworks, showing the two hearths and the encrusted whale oil 
(Photo Susan Lawrence)


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