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Salt Meat and Sherry

Artefacts provide glimpses into the way of life on the station. Animal bones were prominent among the artefacts recovered, and primarily consisted of cuts of beef and pork imported as salt meat. Other artefacts of note included good quality transfer-printed tablewares, fragments of Chinese export porcelain, sherry glasses, gin, wine and beer bottles, gun flints, a military button, and copious quantities of clay pipe. Most of the artefacts came from the area immediately in front of the main building, where rubbish had been used to fill in a natural depression. The proximity of the rotting rubbish, combined with the decaying whale carcasses along the beach and the oily smoke billowing from the tryworks, would have made the site less than pleasant at times!

Susan Lawrence

left to right. 1. Pipe bowl excavated at Bruny Island, Tasmania. 2. Brown transfer printed ware bowl excavated at Bruny Island, Tasmania 
(Photos Tim Anson.)


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