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Point de Mole


Zone 53
Map 5632
E 405300 - N 403300
Point de Mole is located on the west coast of the Eyre Peninsula between Streaky Bay and Gascoigne Bay.


Other than a few scattered remains of the whaling era along the coast at Point de Mole there is no specific documentary evidence of the whaling activities of this region.


Located at the site of Point de Mole in 1976 was a whale bone partially buried and in good condition. also located was a hoop iron section suggesting that the site may have been a temporary slaughter site. This site might have been used by the whalers referred to in the Streaky Bay area (Kostoglou & McCarthy, 1991, p11).

A survey carried out in 1997 by Mark Staniforth and the Flinders University of South Australia revealed lots of Aboriginal artefacts, including two beach cobble stones and grinding stones.  There was no sign of any historic artefacts. One structure remains, it is probably not a building but may be a wall shelter as the rocks included in the structure are too uneven to build with. It is out of place on the edge of an orange Pleistocene dune next to a single white outcrop of recent dune sand (5m high and 50m long)


Kostoglou, P. and McCarthy, J. 1991. Whaling and Sealing Sites in South Australia, Australian Institute for Maritime Archaeology, Special Publication No:6, p11-12.

By Rebecca O'Reilly

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