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Boston Island


Zone 53
Map 6028
E 585000 - N 6160000
Boston Island is located 3.5 kilometres north east and offshore of Port Lincoln.


There is little documentary evidence of the whaling station at Boston Island. Following are extracts of the two references:

"A local whaling company has been established, and from the great number of whales frequently seen in this bay, the operations of the company have every likelihood of success if managed properly" (South Australian, 24 March 1840) .

"A station will be on Boston Island with a signal post on the top, and the boats to pull outside the islands, and to be assisted when practicable by boats from the town" (South Australian, 28 March 1840).

While documentary evidence suggests the development of a whaling station at Boston Island there is no evidence that one was ever constructed and if it was, then it closed down without any success. There is no reference to the whaling station at Boston Island or the export of oil from this Island.


No archaeology has been carried out on Boston Island due to the lack of evidence that the island ever took part in the whaling enterprise as it was intended to.


Kostoglou, P. and McCarthy, J. 1991. Whaling and Sealing Sites in South Australia. Australian Institute for Maritime Archaeology, Special Publication, No:6, p23.

South Australian - 24/3/1840

By Rebecca O'Reilly

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