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At least 15 whaling stations are believed to have existed on the coast of South Australia during the years leading up to official European settlement in 1836 and shortly thereafter. Whaling was a critically important industry in the successful colonisation of South Australia. In addition to the shore based whaling activity, there was pelagic whaling by American, French and British whalers.  

Fieldwork on shore based whaling stations in South Australia under the direction of Mark Staniforth commenced in April 1997 and continued in November involving the recording of sites on the Eyre Peninsula and Kangaroo Island. Funding of more than $41,000 for this part of the project and the development of this Website and a GIS database has come from a Flinders University URB establishment grant, the Ian Potter Foundation, the Australian National Centre for Excellence in Maritime Archaeology (WA Maritime Museum) and a small ARC grant.  

List of South Australian Whaling Sites Projects

Point Collinson Sleaford Bay
D'Estrees Bay
St Peters Island
Fowler's Bay
Cape Jervis

Other South Australian Whaling Sites
Adventure Bay (Tasmania) Point Collinson
Boston Island
Point de Mole
Cape Jervis
Port Elliot
Coffin Bay 
Port Noarlunga
D'Estrees Bay
Rivoli Bay
Doyles Bay
St Peters Island
Encounter Bay
Sleaford Bay
Flinders Island
Spalding Cove
Fowlers Bay
Thistle Island
Hog Bay 
Trial Bay
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