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Flinders Island



Whalebone - This was found at Bryantís Bay but taken to the main property on Flinders Island in rent years. Large pieces of whalebone were apparently taken as souvenirs by the salvagers of the Kapara wreck. Alone this is not evidence of whaling activity and no other bones were found near the site.

Figure 2 - Bricks from Flinders Island (photo M. Staniforth)

Brick  - 13 fragments of brick were identified at the Bryantís bay sites and were classified according to the site they were in closest association with and the colour and fabric of their composition. They may be associated with domestic structures.

Figure 3 - Flinders Island Caves (photo by M. Staniforth)

Figure 4 - Remains of a building at Flinders Island 
(photo by M. Staniforth)

Figure 5 - Ceramic artefacts from the Island (photo by M. Staniforth).

Ceramic - includes Jasperware, blue and white transfer print (willow print), brown slip stoneware demijohn. All fragments indicate use for liquid/alcohol storage.

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